Germany: Author takes Random House to court for scrapping book on Islam

A former politician and author of the book 'Germany abolishes itself' arrived in a Munich court, on Monday, for a lawsuit hearing against his publisher 'Random House,' which postponed the release of his new book 'Hostile Takeover: How Islam Hampers Progress and Threatens Society.

' Sarrazin's attorney Dr. Andreas Kohler stated that the lawsuit "it is not about money, it's not about the pecuniary at this point, but it's about a law being done right here".

In defense of the publisher's house, it's attorney Rainer Dresen said that there were "content concerns about the text," adding that "Mr. Sarrazin has requested a released date, which was not provided in the contract".

Reportedly, Sarrazin's book will still be published at the end of summer by another publisher, Finanzbuch Verlag.

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